About us

Welcome to The Fleece Tights, your go-to destination for cozy and stylish legwear. We are a family-owned e-commerce business, deeply rooted in the textile and clothing industry, with a passion for providing exceptional fleece tights to keep you warm and fashionable. 

Our Journey

The story of The Fleece Tights began in 2019 when we identified a distinct need for high-quality, comfortable, and versatile fleece tights, not just in Europe but also in the United States. As a family business with extensive experience in textiles and clothing, we decided to embark on a mission to fill this gap in the market.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple yet profound: to offer you the most comfortable and luxurious fleece tights, designed to enhance your everyday life. We believe that warmth and comfort should never come at the expense of style, so we set out to create a range of fleece tights that combine fashion and functionality seamlessly.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Family Values: As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of quality, trust, and personal touch. When you shop with us, you become a part of our extended family. 
  2. Textile Expertise: With years of experience in textiles and clothing, we are meticulous about selecting the finest materials for our fleece tights. Quality is non-negotiable. 
  3. Fashion Meets Function: Our fleece tights are not just cozy; they're designed to elevate your style. Stay warm while looking chic, no matter the occasion. 
  4. Global Inspiration: We draw inspiration from across the globe to curate a collection that reflects diverse tastes and preferences. From classic to contemporary, we have something for everyone. 
  5. Customer-Centric: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, from quick responses to easy returns.

Join Us on This Journey 

We are thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey. Whether you're battling chilly winters or simply seeking the perfect addition to your wardrobe, The Fleece Tights is here to offer you warmth, style, and comfort.

Our headquarters are located in Mataró, Spain, a place where our dedication to quality craftsmanship meets the warmth of the Mediterranean spirit.

Thank you for choosing The Fleece Tights. We look forward to keeping you cozy and stylish, one pair of fleece tights at a time.

Warm regards,
The Fleece Tights Family


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Phone Number: (305) 5294954
Email: support@thefleecetights.com

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri from 8 am to 5 pm EST Time